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My First Blog Post

Our little family

Many of you don’t know that I actually never planned on being a photographer. Though photography has always been a hobby of mine, I went to school to be a Medical laboratory technican in Germany. I wanted to work in the medical field and loved it.  I always loved being in hospitals and maybe it was because my mom is a nurse and I visited her often as a child during her work shifts at the local hospital.

After meeting my husband and moving to the States, it was more difficult to work in the medical field. In 10 years since we moved from Germany to the USA, I have graduated from college in webdesign, worked as a preschool and substitute teacher, moved 5 times (thank you Army). We had 2 children and shortly after I started a photography business that is now like my 3rd child. It really is a child since it requires a lot of attention and time from myself. :)

Our goofy girls

My family is my life. Photography is my outlet. And now it is my goal to consistently include a little bit of writing into that creative outlet.

So what is the purpose of this blog?

Well, quite frankly I believe it is a good idea to write about session expectations and about "what to wear" for your session. I have many clients asking me to help them pick out the best clothing choices. Yes, I have had clients sending me snapshots of their outfits while they are trying on dresses.

I LOVE it!

I also believe that a blog is a good platform to share favorite pictures of your sessions. That way you can easily share a few favorites with family and friends. See, there are many things I will be able to blog about ;)

So here’s to the first and hopefully many more blog posts to come that include more than just the photos you have already seen all over the internet. :)

Stay tuned for more information on what to except at your next session with me!

Oh before I forget, feel free to leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you!

I promise I will reply!

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