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Helping Moms out!

What you are helping Moms having a photography business? What do you mean exactly?

One of the 24 mos dresses I offer

Well, did you all know that I am offering an "all-inclusive"-service? That sounds interesting but what it means is that I am not just showing up with a camera and push the shutter button to capture your beautiful children. Nope. It actually means that as soon as you contact and decide to book with me, I'll take your hand (if needed! Ha!) and lead you till the end when I hand you over your personal, amazing wall art for your home.

Now, even more important though is in the posting (and many didn't know that):

I offer a variety of dresses for girls 24 months-7/8 size for your photoshoot. As a mother myself, I know how difficult and exhausting it can be to find dresses/outfits etc for your child portraits, believe me.

This is a whimsical 5T which fits 5-7 year old girls

I am making it easier for you!

Is this not darling? 5 T dress which is just dreamy!

You just need to choose one or two of the dresses and we are good to go (You may have to deal with the updo or pigtails of your baby, but that's it). ;)

I am always adding beautiful dresses to my repertoire! Shown are just a couple of dresses I have. Also, I am thinking to look into some boys' clothing. Stay tuned!

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