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What to expect?

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Not everyone has a professional photographer take their pictures every day! As a portrait photographer, I often forget that what seems so natural to me is a rare ritual for families and other individuals who book a photo session. To clear up some nerves and confusion, here’s what you can expect before and during a session with me.

Before your session

After you’ve paid your retainer/session fee and signed the contract, we can talk about the fun stuff like the location for your session! If you’re looking for location ideas in Arnold, MO, I'll have some sweet spots for you. I am always up for going to any location that is special to you, interests you, or somehow represents your personality! I want your photos to be unique.

Then, the most common question I get is “What should I wear!?”

Families: Dressing for family photos is about coordinating, not necessarily matching. Choose 2-4 colors, some neutral, some brighter, and mix and match them among family members. If you need help on this, let me know at our consultation and I will guide and help you.

Couples: Like family photos, it’s about coordinating. You’ll probably want two or three outfits, some dressy and some casual. Choose something you would normally wear and your personalities and love will shine through.

During your session

I am exclusively an on-location photographer. No stuffy studio photography here! With that being said, I prefer to shoot a mix of both candid and posed photos. When we meet for your session, we’ll dive right in. I’ll probably make a fool of myself trying to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I will boss you around and tell you how to pose. If you’re a couple, I’ll make you kiss and touch your noses together a lot. Get used to it :)

The first half of the session, I generally try to get more candid, natural shots. If your session type allows for an outfit change, you’ll change outfits and we’ll begin again. During this part of the session, we’ll try to get more posed shots (the one Grandma wants on her wall). That's it!

All I ask is that you are on time. Being late will cut into our valuable shooting time and cut down on your final selection of images.

Come back soon for "what to expect" from a lifestyle newborn session with me! :)

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